At the recent PMI-Leadership Institute Meeting (PMI-LIM) held in Los Angeles on October 2018, a group of leaders serving Outreach initiatives were gathered to brainstorm and share successes and lessons learned in each of their chapters. One of the participants ask, “Why do we do outreach? Why do we donate, offer scholarships and awards and other outreach initiatives when there are already a lot of organizations doing those?” My immediate response was, “Why not?”

Why do outreach?

PMI-CIC is a professional organization composed of individuals who practice and/or promote the Project Management profession. But our members are also part the community, a community we serve and care about.

Our chapter members do outreach because we care. We care about the students, youth, Military and non-profit organizations.  We want to do outreach initiatives not to compete with other organizations doing social good, but to complement and collaborate with each other on outreach initiatives.

For our University students Educational Outreach, we offered students who are pursuing Project Management as a profession the following:

  1. Scholarship
  2. Free to join the PMI-CIC monthly meeting online
  3. Mentorship
  4. Discounted rate to CAPM and PMP preparation classes

We will expand our University students Educational Outreach to other schools in Central Illinois.

We also would like to help our military prepare for a career in Project management. This year we started the Military Outreach. We have introduced the benefits of the Project Management skills to our current military and veterans and how to eventually obtain a Project Management Profession (PMP) designation.

Helping the new generation of youth obtain Project Management for Life skills so they can use it in their school projects and their daily lives is another initiative we want to start this year and continue in the coming years.

Aside from promoting the Project Management profession, our chapter members volunteered in our community. Members, together with other community volunteers, participated in 48in48, a non-profit organization, to build 48 websites, educate on marketing and teach digital strategy to non-profits in Mclean County, all within 48 hours in Bloomington, IL.  PMI-CIC was also one of the event sponsors.

We also have philanthropic initiatives. We again sponsored a PONY Baseball team this year and plans to continue to sponsor in the coming years. We called upon our members to help donate through (think about Go Fund Me but for schools) to a class from Bent Elementary School, where students come from low-income households, in Bloomington needing school supplies. The class asked for comfy seats to be used by 26 kindergarteners. The project was funded in merely 4 days. We will continue this effort and select more schools from Central Illinois – Bloomington, Peoria, Champaign and Springfield.

I am proud about what our members who do social good in the community this year. I look forward to more engaged members who are passionate about our Outreach initiatives.

Redney Doctora, PMP

VP of Outreach

Who is PMI CIC?