Purpose and Goals

Core Purpose (Mission)

PMI-CIC is dedicated to support local Product, Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers in all methodologies including but not limited to Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid approaches.

Long-Term Goal (10-30 year vision)

Within the PMI-CIC geographic area, individuals and organizations will embrace, value, utilize, and attribute their success to project management in all methodologies.

Strategic Goals (3-5 Years)

  • Image and Brand - Professionals and organizations associated with PMI-CIC will be consistently recognized for project management excellence and success.

  • Advocacy - Through the advocacy of our members, leaders and decision makers will integrate project management into their organizations in order to achieve enterprise objectives.

  • Networking & Community - Individuals and organizations will benefit from PMI-CIC's efforts to facilitate and promote community among those who practice project management.

  • Professional Development - Individuals and organizations that have participated in PMI or PMI-CIC professional development activities will be preferentially valued by organizations that seek project management expertise.

  • Knowledge - PMI-CIC will be a trusted resource for project management-oriented coaching, knowledge, and expertise in all methodologies.