Board Responsibilities

General Board of Director Responsibilities

All Board of Directors members of Project Management Institute - Central Illinois Chapter (PMI-CIC) are accountable for the following department responsibilities

General Responsibilities

  • To serve the membership of the chapter.
  • To read and use the information provided by General Operating Council (GOC) in weekly communications (PMI Insight) and on the Leadership Online Community website to support the chapter and provide benefits to members.
  • Attend at least one leadership meeting each year. There are two Region 2 meetings and one Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) each year.
  • Attendance at the Board of Director meeting each month. Missing 2 meetings without prior notification and approval by the President qualifies for corrective action and possible removal from the board.
  • Attendance at a majority of the monthly Chapter dinner meetings.
  • Fill the role of HOST at a minimum of one chapter meeting during each year in office.
  • Maintain all information posted on the website on all pages owned by each respective department.
  • To provide regular updates on active projects within their respective departments during board meetings and through email.
  • To maintain, update, and create all procedure, policy, administration documentation for their respective departments in the file repository on the website. 

Financial Responsibilities

  • Prepare and monitor an annual budget for their respective department.
  • Manage revenue and expenses for their respective department per the board approved annual budget.
  • Report and correct significant variances.
  • Obtain board approval for all non-budgeted expenses prior to spending in their respective department.
  • Obtain second board member approval for any budgeted expenses over $250 for their respective department.
  • Submits PMI-CIC annual dues information to PMI-GOC (shared with VP of Finance).

Planning Responsibilities

  • Participate in annual strategic planning meetings.
  • Plan and execute tactical initiatives in their department in support of the strategic plan.
  • Designate Project Managers and volunteer teams for all initiatives that fall under their department.
  • Act as sponsor for all projects/programs active within their office. 


  • Adhere to the PMI-CIC Code of Conduct.
  • Adhere to the PMI Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure that teams within their office adhere to all PMI-CIC policies, procedures, and the PMI and PMI-CIC code of conduct.

Transition Responsibilities

  • Mentor PMs and work to ensure successor candidates for their board position are fully aware of expectations of office.
  • Update office transition plan before leaving office.
  • Provide training to on-coming board member before leaving office.

Board of Director Responsibilities by Office


Responsbilities for the President of PMI-CIC include the following: 

PMI-CIC Board Governance

  • Act as the Chief Executive Officer and chair of the board
  • Ensure the board works together as a team
  • Serve on the board as a member ex-officio with the right to vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee
  • Schedule, provide an agenda, and preside over the board meetings
  • Arrange for food service at special board meetings
  • Assist the board members with strategic and tactical initiatives in support of the board

PMI-CIC Strategic Plan

  • Ensure the PMI-CIC bylaws are upheld and enforced
  • Provide guidance to the PMI-CIC and its officers
  • Serve as organizer and consensus builder for PMI-CIC decisions
  • Encourage each office to improve his/her department
  • Facilitate the annual strategic planning meetings
  • Ensure the activities chosen by the Board support the chapter vision, mission and objectives
  • Perform a monthly review of PMI-CIC operations
  • Prevent the unauthorized use of the PMI-CIC name in connection with any meeting or activity which, in the President's judgment, does not further the purposes of the PMI-CIC

PMI-CIC Finances

  • Prepare and submit and annual budget to the VP of Finance
  • Ensure authoring signatures are provided to any banking institution holding PMI-CIC funds
  • Ensure PMI-CIC has reported required tax schedules to the appropriate governments
  • Increase the financial viability of PMI-CIC
  • Ensure the chapter has purchased Officer insurance and other requirements
  • Ensure the appropriate event insurance is in place for major events sponsored by PMI-CIC

PMI-CIC Membership Governance

  • Facilitate communication among all PMI-CIC members and the community serviced by the the chapter
  • Welcome new members
  • Welcome visitors to all chapter sponsored events
  • Ensure PMI-CIC programs and activities are properly identified as an activity sponsored by the PMI-CIC and not an official activity of PMI

PMI-CIC Liaison

  • Act as the liaison to PMI
  • Ensure PMI policies and procedures are upheld as outlined by PMI
  • Communicate information from PMI to PMI-CIC board and members
  • Communicate information from PMI-CIC to PMI
  • Complete and submit the PMI Chapter Charter Annual Renewal Survey by the designated due date
  • Prepare annual PMI-CIC awards documentation and nominate candidates for PMI awards
  • Ensure PMI-CIC is represented at PMI and Region 2 leadership meetings
  • Ensure PMI-CIC properly uses the PMI copyright and trademarks
  • Ensure the PMI-CIC logo has been submitted to PMI for review and approval
  • Notify PMI of the changes to the president and/or board member contact information, CIC fee changes, deviations in member figures and election results

Internal Communications

  • Notify membership of all special meetings called by the President within the timeframe specified in the PMI-CIC Bylaws
  • Work with the Elections Project for notifying membership of all elections
  • Send email notification of special announcement in the monthly chapter newsletter 
  • Provide information to our membership about upcoming chapter events sponsored by PMI chapters in our region
  • Create and maintain Monthly Board of Director Meeting Minutes
  • Create and maintain Monthly Board of Director Agendas
  • Monthly Chapter Communication - Membership Minute

VP of Operations

Responsbilities of the VP of Operations include the following:  

  • Manage and oversee the technology operations of the chapter
  • Manage PMI-CIC website, including oversight of the webmaster activities
  • Manage relationships with technology vendors
  • Manage PMI-CIC email accounts
  • Ensure electronic data repository, security, and reporting needs of the chapter are met
  • Collect, maintain and archive chapter legal and operating documents
  • Provide techncial support at monthly chapter meetings and special events
  • Send online meeting invitations to online participants
  • Coodinate work with VP of Professional Development to ensure smooth operations for events

VP of Publicity

The publicity office is divided into three categories: Marketing, Sponsorship/Partnership and Social media. This office focuses on tasks to help the chapter achieve the publicity office objective, while focusing on organizations that utilize, educate or consult on project management within Central Illinois.  Responsibilities include the following: 

External (local) Communications/Public Relations

  • Manage all external communications and public relations for all locations: Bloomington, Peoria & Springfield
  • Lead and execute social media channel strategies and sponsorship/partnership marketing strategies
  • Provide information about upcoming chapter events to local media
  • Develop and place paid advertisements about upcoming chapter events in local public media and at PMI level media
  • Create and distribute PMI-CIC promotional materials that introduce non-members to the chapter
  • Manage and direct public relations activities as needed for sponsorships
  • Establish, offer, implement and track sponsorship packages for PMI-CIC events and website
  • Oversee, update, and amend all policies and procedures relatied to publicity
  • Track all sponsorships and keep a history of past sponsorships
  • Establish sponsorship standards, costs, changes, and policies
  • Solicit and/or write articles for the website
  • Order all the chapter material, brochures, BOD name badges, business cards, shirts and giveaways
  • Create all promotional digital flyers for all the chapter events, including Professional Development Day (PDD), networking events, etc.

PMI Component Communications

  • Provide information about upcoming chapter events to PMI components in our PMI region and that are in close proximity

PMI-CIC Web Site

  • Maintain, update, adjust PMI-CIC web pages relating to communication and publicity as applicable
  • Solicit and/or write articles for the website

PMI-CIC Logo Ware

  • Oversee PMI-CIC logo ware sales including but not limited to; solicit logo ware items to purchase and sell, arrange for logo imprinting, maintain and safeguard logo ware inventory, coordinate with VP of Finance to make sales and receive payments

VP of Membership

The Vice President of Membership manages the PMI-CIC membership database. He/she develops and implements strategies for membership growth and retention. The Vice President of Membership must be a PMI-CIC member. He/she must be willing and qualified to assume the office of President if it becomes vacant during the term. The Vice President of Membership is an officer of the corporation, a member of the Board and is responsible for the following:

Membership Tracking

  • Compile and maintain a current file of PMI-CIC members and potential members
  • Maintain and update PMI-CIC membership records
  • Coordinates membership status with PMI-GOC
  • Review and project growth and attrition
  • Report PMI-CIC growth/attrition to the Board and Members
  • Approve requests for information from the PMI-CIC database Retention and Recruitment of Members
  • Develop programs to retain existing members and recruit new members
  • Send out new member welcome passage
  • Send an inquiry to non-renewing members to identify reason why they non-renewed: report back to BOD
  • Create and maintain a welcome program for new members and first attendees
  • Partner with BOD members to identify membership opportunities
  • Maintain permanent file and recruiting activities of PMI-CIC
  • New Membership Orientation Program Membership Surveys
  • Oversee membership continuous feedback
  • Design surveys
  • Survey membership
  • Collect survey results
  • Submit survey results to Board for review and analysis Board Management
  • Act on behalf of the president during period of his/she temporary absence
  • Assume the office of President if it becomes vacant
  • Assist the president when requested
  • Plan and complete annual budget for membership expenses
  • Submits PMI-CIC annual dues information to PMI-GOC
  • Ensures authoring signatures are provided to any banking institution holding PMI-CIC funds
  • Responsible for the Mentoring program
  • Volunteer Program

Liaison to PMI Components

  • Act as the liaison between PMI-CIC and other PMI components
  • Provide opportunities for PMI-CIC components to communicate appropriate, value-added information to PMI-CIC members
  • Work with other members of the board and with member survey results to identify member's needs for other regularly scheduled meetings

VP of Finance

The VP of Finance is responsible for the accounting of all chapter income and expenses. In addition, the VP of Finance works with the rest of the board members to draft and then pass a yearly budget. The VP of Finance writes checks for all expenses, ensures income is accounted for and works with the chapter accountant to ensure income and expenses are entered into the appropriate accounts. The VP regularly reviews the budget with the board as well as gives regular status of the chapter finances.  VP of Finance is repsonsible for the following: 

  • Develops and manages yearly budget
  • Reviews and approves expenses
  • Works with accountant to pay all expenses
  • Works with accountant to ensure yearly tax returns are completed
  • Ensures chapter insurance is paid and in force
  • Works with conference committees to create and manage a separate budget
  • Attends monthly board meetings
  • Reviews budget/income/expenses with the board
  • Ensure the correct accounting of all expenses and income
  • work with other board members to ensure event income matches registration
  • Issue refunds as needed
  • Ensures authoring signatures are provided to any banking institution holding PMI-CIC
  • Submits PMI-CIC annual dues information to PMI-GOC (shared with President)

VP of Professional Development

Plan, schedule, arrange, and manage regularly scheduled PMI-CIC chapter meetings and Professional Development events designed to advance the project management skills and knowledge of PMI-CIC members and the community at large.  VP of Professional Development is responsbile for the following: 

Professional Development Programs

  • Initiate, plan, staff, support and execute other non-regularly reoccurring PMI-CIC educational programs
  • Assist PMI-CIC members during career changes
  • Identify and communicate project management career opportunities
  • Provide career search educational programs and networking opportunities
  • In coordination with the Vice President of Education, assess the ongoing educational needs of the membership

Project Management Conference

  • Initiate, plan, staff, support and execute Project Management Conference(s) and Professional Development Days
  • Utilize other Board members and their teams to accomplish the events to assist with registration, publicity, facilities planning and speaker recruitment

PMI Component Community

  • Build strategic alliances with other PMI components to enable sharing of speakers, meetings, and events to benefit both organizations

Dinner Meetings

  • Plan, coordinate, and implement all aspects of dinner program meetings
  • Plan program themes
  • Conduct strategic planning of topics and themes
  • Survey the Board and membership to identify topics in which they're interested
  • Coordinate with other Board members to maximize value to meeting attendees
  • Identify and arrange for speakers and handle speaker gifts/honorarium and expense reimbursement
  • Distribute summarized feedback from evaluations to board members, other volunteers, the speaker, and the venue
  • Prepare the monthly program schedule and agenda showing all regularly scheduled activities
  • Publish the speaker bio, presentation abstract, and photo well in advance of the meeting
  • Handle dinner meeting logistics
  • Reserve facility and negotiate contract
  • Set the menu
  • Arrange for equipment
  • Arrange for room set-up
  • Handle all other additional set-up required for chapter and annual meetings
  • Provide venue with attendance estimate
  • Prepare evaluation forms and have them available at each meeting
  • Handle ‘special' activities (planned by the programs team) during dinner meetings
  • Manage and oversee event registration for monthly chapter meetings. Coordinate registration activities with event coordinators for other chapter events. Registration activities include:
    • On-line registration setup
    • Confirming emails
    • Registration table
    • Receipts
    • Badges
    • Event fee collection if not paid online 
    • Attendance tracking

Other Regular Meetings

  • Work with other members of the board and with member survey results to identify member's needs for other regularly scheduled meetings
  • Coordinate and manage these meetings and ensure they provide value to the members

VP of Outreach

Build a strong external project management advocacy within the PMI-CIC geographic area by partnering with local bunisesses, organizations, and other PMI components to share information about the importance of PMI and PMI-CIC.  The VP of Outreach is responsible for the following: 

Liaison to external organizations

  • Act as the liaison between PMI-CIC and local corporations, businesses, and organizations
  • Conduct seminars, meeting, or presentations in conjunction with other organizations to educate the community-at-large about project management and the PMI-CIC
  • Provide opportunities for external organizations to communicate appropriate, value-added information to PMI-CIC members
  • Be the 'gate-keeper' for the Job/Resume posting section of the website (under Outreach tab).

Liaison to PMI Components

  • Act as the liaison between PMI-CIC and other PMI components
  • Provide opportunities for PMI-CIC components to communicate appropriate, value-added information to PMI-CIC members
  • Assist the VP-Publicity by offering sponsorships for PMI-CIC programs and special events to other PMI components

Manage Project of the Year competition

  • Communicate information about the Project of the Year competition to PMI-CIC members and non-members within the PMI-CIC geographic area
  • Answer questions and sponsor the Project of the Year competition within the guidelines set forth by PMI
  • Oversee the formation of a fair and unbiased panel of judges to review and adjudicate the Project of the Year entries
  • Award the winning entry

VP of Education

The Vice President of Education shall be responsible for providing PMI Professional Certification and re-certification educational opportunities to the membership and the community at large, for educational outreach at elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels, the PMI-CIC library, and the PMI-CIC mentoring program. The Vice President of Education  is responsible for the following:

  • Overseeing or running Project Management Professional (PMP) workshops in our geographic area (Bloomington, Springfield, Peoria, and Champaign)
  • Communicate upcoming certification workshop dates and certification information to PMI-CIC membership
  • Establish and oversee the development and delivery of a PMP certification exam prep workshop
  • Provide PDU documentation to PMI-GOC
  • Provide attendees proper documentations to enable them to report their PDUs
  • Locate facilities and classrooms for workshops
  • Develop or evaluate and obtain instructional materials
  • Work with Vice President of Professional Development to assess the ongoing educational needs of the PMI-CIC membership
  • Ensure certification workshops course material are updated to reflect changes made to PMBOK/PMI certification examination
  • Obtain feedback from student and instructors on how to improve workshops and implement suggestions
  • Recruit, train, and evaluate instructors to ensure quality instruction for workshops
  • Posting PMP workshops on the PMI-CIC website
  • Responsible for the PMI-CIC Chapter Library
  • Updates to the Education pages of the PMI-CIC website