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Upcoming Events

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season! 

~ Your PMI-CIC Board

Save the date for the January 12th, 2021 Annual Kickoff Meeting!

Registeration to our annual kickoff meeting is FREE for PMI-CIC members! Join us as we kick off what is going to be a great year and hear from Mark Lines, PMI VP of  Disciplined Agile and co-creator of the Disciplined Agile toolkit.

More information on this event will be coming out soon! 

January 2021 Lunch and Learn

“Do the Right Things Right” with Liyu You

January 13th | 12:00 - 1:00PM
Online Zoom Meeting

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Dr. You has identified 3 Pillars of Success for any enterprise or large complex organizations:

  1. Vision, Mission and Strategy
  2. Enterprise Architecture
  3. Project and Portfolio Management

This presentation and Knowledge Sharing will focus on these three pillars of enterprise success. To thrive in the constantly changing Project Economy, amidst disruptions and changing economic climate—companies are rushing to Digital Transformation and other initiatives. At the risk of chasing the “silver bullet” or the “shiny new object,” it is incumbent upon CxO’s to pay attention to create, sustain, enable and mature their three pillars and keys to organizational success. Dr. You overlays the three pillars of success with various phases of initiatives, along with components (various phases’ inputs and outputs, e.g., Governance, Risk and Compliance, People, Process, and Technology).

Learn more about the event and Dr. You here.

February 2021 Lunch and Learn

What is Disciplined Agile? with Jonathan Lee

February 24th | 12:00 - 1:00PM
Online Zoom Meeting

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The world is constantly changing. It is a new year, after a very challenging 2020. We are not sure yet when a vaccine will be widely available to the world to mitigate and cure the CoronaVirus or Covid-19. Businesses, organizations and teams are constantly changing as well, as all pivot to deliver projects and products to customers amidst different business constraints. We are not saying we need a new project management methodology. Within Agile, we have Scrum, XP, TDD, FDD, Paired Programming, Scaled Agile and now PMI’s own Disciplined Agile or DA. Will DA solve most of the world’s projects to be rescued? Or will projects be more successful in the first place, if DA was used? What is the difference between Scrum, DA, SAFe, and other agile methodologies? Let’s do a deep dive as we listen in on Jonathan Lee’s DA presentation, what is it, what it is not, and others.

Learn more about the event and Jonathan here.

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News and Happenings

A Special Message the VP of Publicity, Bobby Taruc

Greetings to everyone,

As I ponder about 2020. It has been fraught with fears, disappointment, trepidation, wonder and joy. Fear about contracting the virus for myself and my wife, my elderly parent, close friends and family. Disappointed that I do not get to do my annual travel to see family in the Philippines. Trepidation for close friends that have lost jobs or are on furlough. Wonder on what our chapter needs to do given the restrictions on in-person meetings. Joy on what we have been able to achieve. This pandemic has certainly brought out-of-the-box thinking from our Chapter leaders. Here are some of the major achievements the chapter has been able to achieve:

  1. Pivot to full online only Chapter Meetings
  2. First ever online only PDD or Professional Development Day with pdf program, sponsored by e-Core Consulting
  3. A new partnership with CPS Network, for ad sales and a Job Portal
  4. Lunch and Learn online meetings since July, now a monthly cadence procuring a sponsorship with University of Maryland Project Management Center of Excellence
  5. Resumption of online only New Member / Non Member Orientation
  6. New and fresh Project Management-related blogs
  7. Revamped and re branded Chapter Website

I am sure there is a lot more initiatives that other teams have delivered, but from Publicity, Marketing and Social Media –these have been the endeavors my team has been involved in 2020. While there are major changes and initiatives coming down the pike from PMI Global, rest assured you will be seeing these new service offerings, new training, new content, and new benefits at your local chapter. In the meantime, let’s all be present with the people that care and love us the most. Let’s spend time with our friends and family, most albeit virtually and socially distanced.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

- Bobby Taruc, VP of Publicity

Thank You to Our 2020-2021 Lunch and Learn Sponsor

Thank you to our Lunch and Learn series 2020 – 2021 sponsor, Kathleen Frankle University of Maryland Project Management Center of Excellence.

The April 22- 23, 2021 Virtual Project Management Symposium registration and Call for Speakers are still open, click here to be taken to their website. We always have Kathleen speak on this great PM Symposium event prior to each Lunch and Learn. Bring your questions around this event at the next Lunch and Learn!

Membership Survey Coming Soon

Membership had our first virtual happy hour in November. We had an excellent time talking and getting to know our members. Please be looking out after the holidays for a brief survey on what Membership could offer since our tours, and in person events are on hold.

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Community Service

PMImpact - Chapter President Pamela Clapp’s Story

To get us going on #PMImpact, we are starting to crowdsource the PMI community’s personal stories, on how PMI members have impacted their neighborhood / community / municipality for greater social good (be it Covid response, Diversity / Equity / Inclusion). For more on this initiative, see here.

Our #PMImpact starts with our Chapter President Pamela Clapp’s story:

My daughter put in a free little library in our community that is focusing on Non-Traditional Protagonists as a response to the injustice that they have been learning about this year.  Her and a friend have worked on raising money, going before the village, and even collecting books.  This went "live" on October 5th and they have already had 100’s of books go into the hands of children visiting the park. 

This is Kat and Addie, they are best friends.  This year they decided to work on their Girl Scout Bronze award by addressing a need in their community.  Access to books that have a wide range of protagonists.  They have worked hard this year by determining the focus on their project, meeting with the local officials, fundraising, marketing, designing, building, and placing this Little Free Library.  They have committed to taking ownership of this project until they are Seniors in high school which at that point they will either transfer to a local finally or a younger Girl Scout.  

Katrian & Addision (Age 10)

Girl Scout Troop #6283

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Featured Article

Featured Article - Managing Change in Public Institutions - Part II

Please check out our latest articles from Rachel Simmons and Sam M. Al Maleh - "Managing Change in Public Instituations - Part II", and Leonard Grandinetti Chaves - "Quality and Value in Project Delivery"

The articles are wonderful and there is something for everyone. Please find all the articles here.

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New Designation Recipients

Congratulations to the new PMP designees! 

  • Adam Humphreys
  • Jeremy Dose
  • Lavanya Podila
  • David Owuor

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Welcome New Members

  • Jacqueline Gragg
  • Jiani Woods
  • Heather MacQuarrie

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Members Who Have Renewed

Thanks for renewing your membership!

  • Tonya Weber
  • Danielle Baker
  • Emily West
  • Dale Denning
  • Jason Fletcher
  • Rhonda Johnson
  • Michelle Lewis
  • Kristine Peacock
  • Zachary Starr
  • Larry Wetnight
  • Jeff Bilsland
  • Amith Desai
  • Jose Grinage
  • Laura Hale
  • Beth Hoedebecke
  • Michael Jostes
  • Garren King
  • Katherine Thompson
  • Shawn Trent
  • Nancy Warden
  • Paul Welch
  • Mark Williams
  • Patricia Baskin
  • Donna Schroeder
  • Kevin Masterson
  • Jacob Molter
  • Olubunmi Olufunke Salako
  • Jeffrey Mileham
  • Shawn White
  • Kimi Ziemski

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