October 2020 Lunch and Learn: “Agile’s Unworkable Fantasies, True or False?” A Discussion with Agile Coach Andrew Soswa


October 21, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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“Agile’s Unworkable Fantasies, True or False?” A Discussion with Agile Coach Andrew Soswa

Abstract: There are what Cliff Berg calls sacred calves of Agile, in a LinkedIn blog from 10/27/2019. We would like to get Andrew Soswa’s (Agile Coach, Practitioner, Agile Trainer) perspectives on agile’s “unworkable fantasies,” namely:
“If one takes a training course in Agile “basics”, one will be taught the Agile Manifesto - a brilliant and timeless document - but then one will be taught the Scrum process - even though Kanban is arguably a much better fit for today’s DevOps methods. In addition, one will be told the following falsehoods:

  1. Self-organizing autonomous teams are the best way to organize programmers.
  2. Managers are an “anti-pattern”; ideally there should be no hierarchy, and no one should have explicit authority. All authority and all leaders should emerge through self-organization.
  3. No individual should be accountable: only entire teams should be accountable.
  4. Failure is the best way to learn.
  5. One should always trust the team, even if you have never worked with the team before.
  6. All development teams should be feature teams that work across the entire set of technology stacks of the product.
  7. Anyone should be able to work on anything.
  8. An open team room is the best arrangement, so that people can collaborate most easily and will benefit from “osmotic” communication.
  9. More collaboration is always better, and verbal communication is always best.

The Agile Manifesto does not say any of these things.”

Join us to either refute or support Cliff’s perspectives on these precepts and values.

Bio: Andrew Soswa is a Transformational Leader and strategic and results-driven Enterprise Portfolio Manager and Agile Transformation Coach with 15+ years’ experience in business, project and change management. Directed project portfolios, IT, and business teams in digital and Agile transformation initiatives in Big Data Analysis, Retail, Financial, Supply Chain and Big 5 Consulting enterprises. Andrew is CEO and Founder of Agile Project Advisors, a transformational management consultancy.

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