PMP Pyramid Award

PMI-CIC Pyramid Policy

  1. Requestor must be an active PMI-CIC member when making the request.
  2. Requestor must have been an active member prior to and on the date of successfully completing the PMP Exam.
  3. Pyramid requests must be submitted no later than 6 months after passing the PMP exam.
  4. Requestor must attend a Chapter event to receive pyramid. Chapter events include monthly Chapter Meetings, or a PMI-CIC Conference.
  5. Attendance of Chapter event must occur within 3 months of Pyramid Request Date.
  6. Notification of selected event must be submitted at the time of the Pyramid Request.
  7. If the chapter member fails to attend their selected event, an additional event may be chosen. However, after two failed attendances at selected events, the chapter member will no longer be eligible for the award.

To obtain the pyramid, please fill out the Pyramid Request Form and email it to PMP Pyramid coordinator.

PMI-CIC Pyramid Procedure

  1. Chapter member passes the PMP exam
  2. Chapter member fills out the Pyramid Request Form and send to the Pyramid Coordinator.
  3. Pyramid Coordinator compiles list of all requests received.
  4. Pyramid Coordinator orders an inventory of pyramids from Twin City Awards on an annual basis to ensure award availability for each chapter meeting and event throughout the year.
  5. Pyramid Delivery Coordinator picks and delivers pyramids to event.
  6. The VP of Professional Development or another officer will present the pyramids at the monthly chapter meeting.
  7. If any pyramids are left, the Pyramid Delivery Coordinator will notify the Pyramid Coordinator of the chapter members that missed their scheduled event.
  8. Pyramid Coordinator will determine new event for chapter member to attend and notify Pyramid Delivery Coordinator of such event.
  9. If two attempts are made to unsuccessfully deliver the pyramid, the pyramid will be recycled and the chapter member will no longer be eligible for the award.