Director of Logistics Development

Title: Director of Logistics Development

Location: Central Illinois

Start Date: June 2018

End Date: June 2019


    1. Identify venues as per the schedule laid out between Bloomington, Peoria & Springfield
    2. Regulate the expenses for the venue in accordance with the chapter budget
    3. Identify and establish the norms and conditions with the venue to be able to enter in a contractual agreement
    4. Work closely with the venue management team to get the technical requirements (audio / visual, any other logistics requirements) as per the speaker/chapter meeting requirements for the respective location


  1. Feedback on the venues after the preliminary analysis
  2. Gather all the needed information to enter into venue contractual agreement
  3. Make appropriate arrangements prior to the meeting as per the technical needs

Timeline Commitment

  • 10-12 hours a month


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