Director of Leadership Development

Title: Director of Leadership Development

Location: Central Illinois

Start Date: June 2018

End Date: June 2019


    1. Identify speaker with topics relevant to Leadership development learning
    2. Regulate the expenses for the speaker in accordance with the chapter budget
    3. Identify and establish the norms and conditions with the speaker to be able to enter in a contractual agreement
    4. Establish the contract the speaker and gain the needed documentation for the contract
    5. Get the appropriate write up and other relevant details for publishing the event on PMI-CIC website
    6. Work closely with the speaker to identify their technical requirements (audio / visual, any other logistics requirements) for their presentation in the chapter meeting
    7. Collaborate with the Director of Operations prior to the meeting to ensure the technical arrangements are done as needed.
    8. Update the PDU setup
    9. Setup the online meeting for the online registered users
    10. After the chapter meeting upload the meeting presentation it to make it available for the registered users
    11. Setup the survey and send it to all the users


  1. Feedback on the speakers after the preliminary analysis
  2. Gather all the needed information to enter into speaker contractual agreement
  3. Set up the PDU & Click meeting
  4. Upload the meeting presentation
  5. Setup the survey

Timeline Commitment

  • 10-12 hours a month


Contact VP of Professional Development