Director of Chapter Volunteers

Title: Director of Chapter Volunteers- Bloomington,IL

Location: Central Illinois

Start Date: December 2019

End Date: December 2020

Summary of the position:

1 to 2 hours a month

Description or summary 
The Director of Chapter Volunteers is responsible for the identification, recruitment, and support of volunteers for chapter events, committees and supported PMI activities. In addition, the position is responsible for maintaining the posting and managing applications in the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).

- Development and execution of a volunteer recruitment plan
- Maintains a current list of volunteers to serve on Committees or sanctioned projects
- Develop chapter specific and/or promotes PMI provided training
- Provides volunteer training sessions on a regular basis
- Maintain a repository of volunteer training materials
- Set up a frame work for the Volunteer of a year and implement with the VP of Membership

- Manage the chapters use of PMI's Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS)
- Coordinate with chapter leadership on reviewing and processing applications for volunteer positions
- Assists volunteers with reporting of "Give-Back" hours for PDU's
- Setting up a volunteer of the year program, and networking activities
- Other tasks as assigned by the VP of Membership or the Director of Member Relations

Skills Requested: Coordination and organization skills are highly needed for this role. Being fun and energetic for planning, and finding networking events. Must have a computer and the ability to manipulate Excel. 

Contact VP Membership.